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International Conference on Copyright and Authors’ Rights

Organized by John Cabot University and co-funded by the Comitato Paritetico CRUI, SIAE, Autori ed Editori within the framework of the “Invito a presentare progetti in materia di cultura del diritto d’autore in ambito universitario”, 4 May 2009. Sponsored by the US Embassy, Rome.





Knowledge, Creativity and Fair Uses in Higher Education  

September 16, 2011

John Cabot University, Rome 

Aula Magna Regina

 9:00 am – 6:30 pm



Program [ITA]

For the links to the Italian documents see the Italian program

9:00-9:30       Registration
9:30-11:00      Opening Session - Moderator Elisabetta Morani (John Cabot University)                
  • Welcome by Franco Pavoncello (President, John Cabot University).  
  • Mario Morcellini (La Sapienza University, Rome). Authors' Rights. A Step to the Future?    

Professor Morcellini could not attend.       

  •  Frammenti di un discorso sul diritto d'autore (video, 7 min. 47 sec.) 
11:00-11:10     Coffee break
11:10-1:10      Session 1: Legal Framework - Moderator Chiara Magrini (John Cabot University)
  • Valentina Moscon (University of Trento). Legal Ownership and Circulation of Copyright in Universities: a Comparative Analysis.                                                    
  • Stefania Ercolani (SIAE). Universities and On-line Authors’ Rights: SIAE ‘s Role.             
  • Linda Briceño, Patrizia Errico, Gustavo Ghidini (LUISS). The Exception to Authors' Rights for Teaching and Research. 
 1:10-2:25      Lunch – Secchia Terrace
 2:25-3:45      Session 2.1: Users’ Perspectives - Moderator Peter Sarram (John Cabot University)
  • Antonella De Robbio (University of Padua). Portal on Authors' Rights for Universities.  
  • Antonello Scorcu, Laura Vici (University of Bologna). The Culture of  Authors' Rights in Italian Universities: Attitudes and Implications from Field Research.   
  • Salvatore Sica (University of Salerno). Internet and Copyright Law: the Mythology  of Freedom of Speech.
  • Giovanni Maria Riccio (Università di Salerno). Access to Knowledge, Fair use and Authors’ Rights: the Google Books Case.    
3:45-3:55      Coffee break
3:55-5:10      Session 2.2: Users’ Perspectives Moderator Antonio Lopez (John Cabot University)
  •  Stefano Parise (AIB). Authors' Rights and Knowledge Workers.   
  •  Roberto Caso (University of Trento). Does Higher Education Honor Copyright? Does Copyright Honor Higher Education?    
  •  Simone Di Conza (UNA Cultura), Leonardo Romei (La Sapienza University, Rome). Creating Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights: Experimentation and Dissemination of New Formats for Communicating Authors' Rights. 
  • L'ammazzacaffè (video, 1 min. 30 sec.)
  • Chi la fa... li aspetti! (video, 4 min. 10 sec.) 
5:10-6:30     Session 3: Technical and Technological Solutions - Moderator Pietro Paganini
              (John Cabot University)
  • Paola Gargiulo (CASPUR). Efficiently Managing Authors' Rights in E-learning: License Models and Information Dissemination. 
  • Edi Masini, Dino Vincoletto (Printweb). GEDIS: Managing Course Packs According to the Law.     
  • Gabriella Scipione, Alessio Favorite (Cineca). CopyRight Check: Notice and Take-Down Service.     
7:00          Cocktail – Lemon Tree Courtyard
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